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Autodidact. When I was a little girl, I was fascinated by the stoneware and the high-fired glazes. I specially prefer  the Song’s Chinese potteries. I became a potter when the last of our four children went to the college.
I think I like the celadon blue so much because of its opalescence which seems like the sea and the sky of “Pays de Caux” from where I come.
I work with stoneware cause it is solid and rustic as well as the porcelain is smooth and precious The clays interest me too, so I make naked pots keeping only the trace of the flame.
I discovered the glazes through Daniel de Montmollin’s books and I know the joy of the research but also sometimes the disappointment when I open the kiln. What a happiness when I found my first blue chun.
Now, I go on my ceramic way, working with oil spot, kaki, ashes, involving my husband in the adventure.
There is so much to discover.

Hobbies: botany (wild plants), the Massif de Chartreuse, the Causse Mejean, poetry.

" The clumsy sketch is taken up anew.
The curve is redrawn, the drawing completed.
Nothing is ever finished. "
Kenneth White

I am an electronics enginer and I work in the telecom business area.
At first, I was not very interested in pottery. I gradualy appreciated this art, with my wife.
I am involved as much as I can in the workshop activity , mainly in technical tasks: glazes research, Potoulz, photographs, the web site...
... but also: mowing of the hay, setting the stand at each exhibition, carrying the packs of clay and the cases...

If after that I'm not allowed to drink a small beer ?!!

Hobbies : climbing and hiking, playing the guitar, ceramics in general …