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One more glaze calculation software . What's the advantage of POTOULZ except it is free ?
Our leading idea was to make a kind of tool box for ceramists on computer,.that each one can adapt and improve according to its needs. Moreover, POTOULZ provides two unique major features : an unmatched powerful formula to receipe technique and the support of Daniel de Montmollin's diagrams.
Why is POTOULZ free ?
It's a good question, since some competitive softwares are not free. First, the solution is not really free, since it is necessary to have Microsoft Excel (and it's quite expensive !).. Secondly, POTOULZ is just a set of computing tools we have developed for our own usage at the workshoop and that we make available to the ceramic community (with some tutorial improvements). And finally, the prospect to become rich thanks to POTOULZ did not appear to us yet.
Since POTOULZ is free, can I do what I want with it ?
No. This software is the intellectual property of and is owned by l'Atelier du Roc d'Arguille.The software is protected by copyright. It is just licenced to you for free. With this licence agreement, you may modify POTOULZ for your own usage but you may not distribute POTOULZ even for free. L'Atelier du Roc d'Arguille reserves all other rights.
Does POTOULZ run on another spreadsheet that Excel ?
No (we should say not at the moment). Microsoft Excel provides some unique and necessary features for POTOULZ like the advanced support of charts and the solver. Nevertheless, a porting to Calc spreadsheet from StarOffice/OpenOffice suite is considered.
What are the advantages and the drawbacks for a ceramic spreadsheet application ?
The main advantages are the powerful calculation ability and the capability to be improved and customized by yourself. The main drawbacks are, the ergonomy, which is not as so good as a standalone software and the effective cost of the solution since you must have Excel.
Which Excel version should we have ?
Excel 2000 or a newest one (Excel 2002 or 2003). In the same way, you need at least Windows 98. With Windows 2000 or higher versions, it works rather better.
Does POTOULZ run on Mac ?
No. An Excel version for Mac exists but it is not so full-featured as the Windows one (Bill is not mad !). Unfortunately, this is just this lacking features POTOULZ needs. You can still run "Virtual PC for Mac", a Microsoft application that makes it possible for you to access PC-only software.
Does POTOULZ run on Linux ?
No, because POTOULZ needs Microsoft Excel. Later, if we port POTOULZ on the Calc spreadsheet, then it should run on LInux (but nothing is sure)..
Is an english version of POTOULZ available ?
Not yet but it is in progress. We are making our best to deliver this english version by the end of 2006.
It's hard for me to understand Daniel de Montmollin's diagrams. Does POTOULZ make the thing easier to understand ?

Most likely not. The reading and understanding of Daniel de Montmollin's book "The practice of stoneware glazes" is the necessary preliminary condition. The advantage of POTOULZ when working with Daniel's diagrams is that you can locate glazes on a diagram, easily and in real time. But this is useless if you don't understand what this means.

Why have you chosen such an odd name ?
Euh... It was late in the evening... ...very late...